Monday, July 28, 2014

weekend review: breaking in the iron skillet

one of the things i've missed most about this blog is my ability to capture (and remember!) the dinners i create via my weekend review posts. time to bring them back.

after an indulgent friday night, saturday called for vegetables.


beautiful vegetables, which i turned into saturday night's dinner: weekend glow kale salad.

i got an iron skillet for a wedding gift (yes, we have a lot to catch up on) and i broke it in sunday night with some delicious white cheddar yogurt cornbread.

sunday night's dinner: dijon almond crusted tilapia, white cheddar yogurt cornbread smeared with earth balance, and roasted green beans.


  1. I remember your weekend review posts- if I remember correctly, a fair few were your mother's recipes too! That corn bread looks absolutely delicious- if only Australia embraced iron skillets!

  2. Looks amazing! I'd love the tilapia recipe - the link goes to a kale salad.


  3. fixed the link! i guess i'm out of practice!