Wednesday, September 17, 2014

weekly meal plan (9.15.14)

my weekly meal plan. the key to this week's success was making the meatloaf on sunday when i had extra time (along with banana chocolate chip muffins, but that is another story) and making a large baked-pasta dish on sunday night so we could enjoy leftovers throughout the week.

sorry for the blur!

meal plan, decoded.

saturday: fancy dinner date out with the husband.

sunday: honey roasted vegetable and smoked gouda baked penne + salad (i made a simple green salad with this honey dijon balsamic dressing).

monday: over the rainbow cabbage salad with tahini-lemon dressing + turkey meat loaf (my momma's recipe) + bread (for hubby).

tuesday: leftovers + green bean delight (every tuesday forever and ever until i get sick of it...which may be never).

wednesday: simple pan-seared chicken breast and avocado + roasted brussels sprouts + baked sweet potatoes all drizzled in trader joe's balsamic glaze.

thursday: more leftovers + roasted broccoli.

friday: kale, mushroom, and riccotta calzones (never made them last week) + salad.

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