Sunday, July 24, 2011

the sock experiment

Background. Who puts a picture of their own feet on their blog? I do. I run a lot, but have never worn anything but cheap cotton 'sports' socks. In fact, the socks I wear most often are inexpensive sports socks that my Grandma got me one year for Christmas (no offense Grandma). I have always figured that these were good enough, but are they? As you can see, it is time for a new pair. Do I invest in something more sophisticated?

Running socks are special because they are not made of cotton. This is said to provide them with better moisture control to help prevent rubbing, blistering, and soreness. Certain brands also provide extra cushioning. But, running socks are $10-15 per pair. That's a happy hour mojito (or two).

Objective. To determine if non-cotton running socks are worth the price.

Methods. Select 3-5 different types of running socks. Wear each type through 1-2 weeks of running (with a typical week of about 15-20 miles). Compare each experience to that with my old, faithful, cotton-laden pair. Document sock experience in terms of comfort (feet temperature, cushion, overall feel), moisture-level, amount of blistering/rubbing, and price. Describe each pair in terms of fiber composition, special features or technology. Choose the best and enjoy running even more.

(Photo taken by my patient and talented boyfriend, M, and his fancy camera. These are my actual socks, not an imitation.)


  1. I'm launching my membership at SportsClub so this will come in handy. Looks like you need some socks no matter what! Looking forward to hearing your results!

  2. I suggest getting good running socks for a quarter of the price at the outlet mall. I got $20 north face socks for $5 this summer. It's still way more expensive than my cotton socks in a bag from Target, but it's fun to splurge sometimes. :)