Friday, January 20, 2012

my less serious day: pest control

This morning I stood up and had this thought: "I should do the dirty dishes before the pest control guy comes."

I paused and then had this thought: "Last time he was here he got down on my kitchen floor, squashed an ant with his bare hands, and sniffed it."

And then I sat back down.


Jeans: GAP; blouse: J Crew; sweater & necklace: LOFT; shoes: Lucky Brand via Piperlime


This morning began with a cold yet fantastic 1 hour 14 minute run with L at easy pace. 1.14 may seem like a random amount of time to you, but I assure you it is all part of my master plan. I went on a short walk during my day and finished up with a 60-minute RIPPED class (check out Courtney's recent post on RIPPED from an instructor's perspective).


Pre-run I had 1/2 banana, 1/2 mug of black coffee, and 1 pint of water. For breakfast I had a heaping bowl of Kashi GoLean Original mixed with Quaker Oatmeal Squares, chopped dates, 1/2 sliced banana, and almond milk.

Lunch was an Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortilla spread with peanut butter, smashed banana, chopped dates, and cinnamon and served as a quesadilla.

On the side two whole raw carrots (yes, I ate them Bugs Bunny style).

My afternoon snack was a Pink Lady apple and almonds. I also had a Fiber One Oats & Chocolate bar before my afternoon workout.

Dinner was Annie's Organic Shells & Aged Wisconsin Cheddar, hard boiled eggs (one whole egg + one egg white), and this (and more) roasted broccoli.

Dessert was this 'Waterloo' chocolate (I'm working my way through a delicious box), white chocolate with a mocha butter cream layered on top of a dark hazelnut praline base.

Note: this post represents what happened in my world on Thursday, January 19. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jamie. They are actually extremely comfortable too! Win. Win.

  2. Really, guy? You're gonna smell the squished ant? So odd.

    I am loving those shoes, AND the socks! Perfect combo.

  3. Hahaha, I think it may be time to find a new pest guy?

    Thanks so much for the link! ;)

    I love Ezekiel bread/tortillas! And Annie's pasta! Mmmmm

  4. EWW. Gross pest guy. At least he didn't taste it?

  5. Oh my GOSH! Dude, that all looks AMAZING. Please make me one of those quesidillas, please! ;-) My dream meal, I swear. Yum! I want to eat everything on this page...please :-) Hehehe...happy weekend, looks so pretty in that picture! <3 xyx

  6. That dinner looks fab. Girl you work out hard! I've never known someone who did more than 2 hours of workout a day - so intense, you look great! Love those shoes btw. I love cute wedges and boots but I'm 5'8" and am always trying to shy away from heels. I need to embrace them more!!

    1. haha well i only work out this much on my long run days (usually thursdays) and by the end of the day i am absolutely zonkered.

      i'm 5'7" so heels make me pretty tall too. but you should embrace it!

  7. Your outfit is so cute, I love the shoes!
    And I want to devour every meal you ate yesterday, everything looks so good!

  8. Your run time!! I'm gonna pin it somewhere in my brain as inspiration during my runs ...

  9. love those shoes! laughing about the pest control guy. I question his methods.

    I'm craving roasted broccoli now!!

  10. I lovelovelove peanut butter/banana quesadillas. So delicious!
    And your shoes are killer. I'm in love. <3

    And your pest guy is a weirdo! haha. If I saw someone do that I would have the hardest time keeping a straight face.

    1. this was my first pb/banana quesadilla and i am in love. why haven't i tried this before?

  11. Absolutely delic looking eats! I've never made a banana quesadilla but now I totes wanna try it! Possibly bfast or a snack tomorrow, I think yes! P.S. Loveee your shoes :)

  12. You always have the cutest outfits! I love it!
    And that quesadilla lunch you had look so delicious, peanut butter and banana is one of my favorite combos so I will definitely have to give this one a try!!!