Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the unexpected color combination experiment: monochrome

Shades of One Color. No, it isn't the title of a new self-help book or cheesy romance novel. Shades of one color is the idea behind the monochromatic look, the next combination in the unexpected color combination experiment.

Results. Building a fashionable outfit by pairing similarly-colored items together creates a simple yet complex sophistication. Don't dress yourself from head to toe in just one color shade, unless you really want to look like a giant grape. Rather pull together pieces that are the same general color, but different enough that they contrast each other slightly. I would suggest choosing a few items and laying them out on your bed to see what they look like in combination. Some shades will work better than others.

Figure. Various shade choices for the pink/purple overall color choice.

In the outfit I have shared with you today, my base color was pink/purple (fuschia-ish). But, you could create a monochromatic look with any color. I've created a similar outfit before, for example, with varying shades of blue. The possibilities are endless.

Although I didn't receiving any direct reactions (unlike last time), I enjoyed wearing this monochromatic look. I felt unique, comfortable, and confident. Creating this outfit required a bit more effort than usual, but I think it worked well and hope to create more outfits with a monochromatic theme in the future.

In conclusion, a monochromatic look is an unexpected and chic combination worth exploring. Just pick your favorite color and go get your monochrome on.