Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my less serious day: jeans so perfect, i cried.

This weekend I was a mad woman on a desperate search for jeans. I traveled to another town, went to five stores, tried on countless pairs, and experienced much disappointment and frustration. Then, it happened. I tried on this pair and stood in the fitting room with tear-filled eyes while marveling at their perfection. I am convinced that finding perfect jeans is a perfectly justified reason to cry.


Perfect jeans: Gap (real straight); top: Old Navy; belt: Banana outlet; necklace: gift from M; shoes: Tsubos.


My morning workout was a 30-minute run with L (working pace). Two 10-minute walks also happened today, one after lunch and one when I returned home from the gym in the afternoon. My afternoon workout was a 60-minute cycling class (variety ride).


Breakfast was a bowl of Kashi GoLean Original cereal, Cascadian Farm Fruit and Nut Granola, agave nectar, blueberries, and almond milk.

Today's lunchbox held a Lean Cuisine,
 Pink Lady apple, peanuts, and golden raisins.

Dinner was a sweet potato smothered in Greek yogurt and cinnamon and an over-sized spinach salad with tomatoes, carrots, green onions, mushrooms, leftover Brussels sprouts and green beans, and a Morningstar chicken patty.

Dessert was a luxuriously delicious bowl of chocolate pudding and almond butter inspired by Amanda at running with spoons. I died.


  1. i love your look!!
    kisses from prague and have a beautiful day!

  2. Wow love all your meals, esp your dinner. I hate wearing jeans, they make me feel v fat ugh.. guess I haven't found the right pair yet!

  3. ps....you look awesome friend...didn't realize this was your blog....will be following closer now (this is Adam Allen)

  4. Loving your outfit! <3

    You can never go wrong with cereal for breakfast :D

  5. your outfit is adorable!! also the looking at the sweet potato really made me want one and love putting greek yogurt on top!

  6. don't you love when you find clothes that feel like they were made for you? I
    I need to get that sweet potato. It looks so deviine I don't even know what you did. ahhhh
    I can't wait to be able to have two workouts a day- perhaps when I'm living somewhere near a gym!

  7. @mindrunningwild. for the sweet potato -> i just microwaved it (although i prefer to bake them, i just don't always have the time). wash it, poke some holes in it, and place it on a paper towel in the microwave for 6 minutes, turning halfway. then i just added cinnamon, Greek yogurt, and more cinnamon. yum yum!

  8. Love your shirt! Im loving the sweet potato action as well