Thursday, September 29, 2011

the skinny belt experiment: skirt + tucked-in top

This week, I am particularly busy, but I can't very well walk around naked now can I? So, I was happy to tackle the skinny belt experiment with an 'easy difficulty' outfit: a skinny belt with a skirt and tucked-in top.

Results. You don't have to be wearing pants with belt loops to add a skinny belt at your waist. In fact, you don't need belt loops at all. I usually opt to tuck in tops to skirts (especially when attempting to look professional and polished at work) and adding a belt at the waist is a simple way to add interest and waist accentuation.

This combination is easy - any skirt will work depending on the waist band. This particular skirt provides a bit of waist emphasis without the belt (because of its band), but adding a belt only creates more. Some skirts, like classic pencil skirts, provide no built-in waist emphasis and adding a skinny belt can do wonders for your look.

Figure. Outfit combination for the skinny belt experiment: skirt + tucked-in top + skinny belt at waist.

My only word of caution is to pay attention to where your skirt sits on your waist. Do you really want to emphasize that location? Make sure the skirt/belt combination is emphasizing your natural waist or higher.

I wear this type of combination all the time, so I was comfortable and confident despite no reaction from my co-workers (surprise, surprise). When I compared my overall experience to my previous experimental combination (i.e., long top + skinnies) I actually felt a bit less satisfied. There is something about stepping out of the box and taking a 'fashion risk' that feels quite rewarding. But, today's simple combination is one that I will wear again and again.

All in all this skinny belt combination was an easy way to take a simple outfit up a level. Two combinations down, two to go.

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