Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the skinny belt experiment: long top + skinny jeans

Just like any good researcher would have done, I purchased a new skinny belt for this experiment. My motivation was (of course) purely academic: I didn't want my experiment to be confounded by previous belt-wearing experiences. This belt is never-before-worn unbiased goodness. Ah, the things I do for science. 

I dove right into the skinny belt experiment by starting with what I consider an 'advanced difficulty' pairing: a low slung skinny belt with a long top and skinny jeans.

Results. The skinny belt added interest to a simple two-piece outfit that would have otherwise been boring. The key is to choose a longer top, which provides more options on belt placement. I chose a low slung belt, but be careful with this option (see below). Be wary of choosing tops that are too long, especially if you are shorter, as these may throw off your proportions. 

Adding the belt to this outfit also added interest, pattern, and texture to two solid pieces. Variations are endless. If your top has a bold pattern, try incorporating a solid skinny belt. A neutral color belt always works well, but you could also choose a belt in another color to make things interesting.

Figure. Outfit combination for the skinny belt experiment: skinny jeans + long top + low slung skinny belt.

Note: No ranking will be calculated for this particular experiment as it is not as quantitative as others (i.e., cereal, sock) because the main objective is to simply try out different pairings. But, my mind still craved graphical/tabular representation, so I created a table and figure to keep everything neat and tidy.

What makes this pairing difficult, you ask? Typically, the emphasis of the skinny belt should be on a smaller part of the body, the waist. Here, I moved the belt down towards my hips - which isn't something every body type or outfit calls for. A belt worn this way with a more tightly fitting outfit places the emphasis on the hips, not the waist. As Sal from Already Pretty tells us, beware of your waist-to-hip ratio. If it isn't great, this combination can be dangerously unflattering. If you are unsure, play around with the belt placement and move it higher on the waist. It is all about making the accessory work for your clothes and your body.

Overall, I felt great all day with high confidence in this outfit. Despite any lack of reaction from others, (which isn't surprising considering my daily environment. i.e., most (~97%) of academics don't give a crap about fashion) I liked this pairing and will wear it again. Although I experienced a bit of belt-shifting, this look was perfectly comfortable.

All in all I would say that my first stab at the skinny belt experiment was a brave and successful one.  

Have any of you, dear readers, tried this pairing? Or worn your skinny belt in a new way yet? Do tell.


  1. That's a super cute pairing! I love the skinny belt look a la J.Crew - it's cool to see that it looks just as good in real life now!

  2. You are Beautiful.