Thursday, November 8, 2012

the cardigan experiment: introduction

Background. I blame the world's warped view of cardigans on Mr. Rogers. Every time I put one on, my boyfriend tells me I look like a nerdy school teacher. Well, listen up now. First of all, I AM a nerdy school teacher. But, second of all, cardigans are not nerdy - they are chic, stylish, and versatile.

There are long cardigans, neutral cardigans, short cardigans, fitted cardigans, wool cardigans, sparkly cardigans, flowy cardigans, patterned cardigans. You can wear a cardigan on its own as a top or use it to complete an outfit. You can do anything with cardigans. Absolutely anything. Shall we put this to the test?

Objective. To explore the versatility of the cardigan to provide excitement to my wardrobe, inspiration to my readers, and to give back to the wardrobe essential that has given so much to me.

A cardigan from my fashion idol, Kendi.

Methods. Style four completely different cardigan varieties in four different outfits. Take photos and record my feelings, others' reactions/complements (if any), comfort, confidence, and overall experience.

And, I want you to play along! Style your own cardigan - your own way or try some of mine - comment and tell me how it goes. Even better, email ( or tweet (@lesseriouslife) me a picture so I can get inspiration from you and share the cardigan love (and blog link back!) with my readers.

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  1. J.crew rocks out the cardigans like no other. Their longer length ones are the only ones I've bought lately - most others are too short and cut me off at the waist. I'm actually rocking one out today and I'll try to snag a picture for ya ;)Can't wait to see how you do them so I can get a better idea of how to make them work in real life (aka outside of a J.Crew catalog!)

  2. Very cute! I don't think i actually own one though... haha

  3. Um...I wear a cardigan like everyday...oops lol

  4. Nerdy old school teacher? No way! I need cardigans in my life and will never stop wearing them. They're somehow elegant yet not too much and go well with just about everything. I'm looking forward to your test results.

  5. I love Kendi's style too!!! It honestly took me a long time to figure out how to properly wear a cardigan haha. I'm sure I still do it wrong sometimes!