Friday, April 5, 2013

my less serious momma: fiery chicken thighs with persian rice

Thighs are always a problem.

But not these Fiery Chicken Thighs with Persian Rice.

Perhaps my less serious momma’s most creative cooking venture lately. Nothing like cooking your rice with a tea towel!  Here’s some enticing photos. You can find the recipes courtesy of Cooking Light here.

So some night when you’re feeling adventurous, try this rice. Fabulouso!

Chicken thighs in marinade. Tricky part here is that you have to buy Sambal Oelek for the marinade. Thighs marinade for 20 minutes.

 Chicken thighs get broiled 8 minutes skin side up and 4 minutes flipped. Gorgeous!

But the rice is the exciting part!  Be sure to check out the detailed instructions. After you cook it for 10 minutes, drain and put in heavy skillet. Add oil and onion, cook 5 minutes then add spices and yogurt (1/2 c), mixing well. Then magic, tie a dry tea towel around the lid and cook for 30 minutes without peeking!  Then remove with a rubber spatula. Voila! 
Rice mixture in skillet, pre cooking.

 Rice with tea towel! Do it, do it, even if it feels strange!

Rice out of plan with beautiful brown crust!

So a slice of rice, a muffin, and a beautiful thigh! What more could one ask for!

Looks delicious, mom!

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  1. Persian rice is AMAZING! My best friend is Persian and knowing I'm vegetarian they always have a huge portion of this rice and some kookoo sabzi (kinda like a giant herb egg frittata, but it is phenomenal!) for me. Mmmm now I want to go make Persian food!

  2. I want to make Persian rice! This is shameful, but the first time I heard of it was when I was watching Shahs of Sunset. :D

  3. Whaaat?! I've never heard of Persian Rice! How is that possible?! It looks delicious! Bookmarking this recipe right now. (: