Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend review: curry love

Figure 1. Friday night's dinner: 30-minute squash coconut curry and roasted broccoli. This curry is absolutely delicious and only 300 calories per serving. I may be in love...

Figure 2. Sunday afternoon baking and quite possibly the worst picture ever (although my nail color is rockin', isn't it?): baked oatmeal snack bars wrapped up for the week.

Figure 3. Sunday night's dinner: crispy pork medallions and broccoli and orzo on top of raw spinach. This pork is worth making!


  1. I love how I always find at least one thing to pin from your posts haha. I love the looks of that squash curry! Definitely going to have to make that one. Also how were those oatmeal bars?

    1. i just ate my first one - delicious!

  2. So I bought a butternut squash on a whim this weekend, and I think you just told me what I was going to do with it. That looks unbearably good!

  3. what a great way to cook pork!

  4. I may love you for sharing that coconut curry link - it looks amazing! Now to find a butternut squash...

  5. ooo, the pork medalions have my name all over them FOR SURE! I always leave your posts with at least one thing pinned, today is no exception :)


  6. I can't believe I've never actually made any curry dishes at home. I'm sure it's not too difficult!
    And I'm loving that nail color!

  7. I do my baking sunday afternoon and wrap it all up for the week too. I never remember to take photos before wrapping it though! That nail color is indeed fabulous! That squash coconut curry looks fantastic!

  8. That curry looks yummy - I'm off to look at the recipe :)