Thursday, December 20, 2012

gummy bears and brussels sprouts

You guuuuuuys.....

I am teaching my first class on January 8th and the pressure of course prep combined with the pressure of the holidays means my blog is on the back burner. I plan to pop in intermittently with beautiful food and witty tidbits from my daily life, but please be patient as my posts may be lighter than usual until the holidays are over.

You are all stressed too, right?

Here is what I'm up to:

Practicing building a Gummy Bear Launcher for my class project (yes, I teach Masters students...)

My family may kick and scream in protest of Brussels, but I am SO making this for Christmas appetizer night. You can't stop me. I want to swim in this. Bathe in this. I may be secretly hoping I get to eat it all myself....


  1. well the title got me, both are some of my favorite foods

  2. You had me at gummy bears - adore them. Good luck with your course prep!

  3. Wow, that app looks like something even the ultimate brussel sprout hater would eat!

  4. Hang in there!!! I bet your class is super fun ;)

  5. Bless your heart! Love me some brussel sprouts! That dish looks delicious! :)