Monday, March 4, 2013

weekend review: a new dinner favorite

Figure 1. Friday night's dinner: spinach and cheese quinoa casserole and healthy collard greens.

I froze half of this casserole last time I made it and reheated the remainder for a quick Friday night dinner - it reheated wonderfully. And, I finally finished making the infamous collards that were the cause of last week's finger injury. All fingers remained intact this time around...

 Figure 2. Sunday night's dinner: chicken and mushrooms in garlic white wine sauce and brussels sprouts roasted in coconut oil.

This is one of Cooking Light's best 'Superfast' dishes and I agree. It is certainly going into the rotation and completely worth splurging on fresh tarragon and a bottle of white wine - it makes the dish! A new dinner favorite.


  1. I actually had to go check my Pinterest to see if I'd pinned that recipe yet because it totally looks like something I would want to make. It turns out I hadn't yet, so it's definitely getting pinned now!

    1. yes! it is totally worth making and easy!

  2. Holy smokes that pasta sounds great! There's a dish like that I love at Carrabba's - it's an orechiette (sp?) with a port wine cream sauce and 4 different types of mushrooms. It. Is. Heaven.

  3. oh man brussel sprouts in coconut oil, looks so tasty

  4. Wow. Both of those dinners look so freaking amazing!

  5. Oh wow, that chicken dish looks incredible! And I'm so glad there weren't anymore trips to the urgent care clinic for those collards! Question is...where they worth it? ;)

  6. That quinoa dish looks amazing! I love trying new stuff, especially if it's got some of my favorite things in it...:)