Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the cereal experiment: Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat

At my last trip to the grocery store, I noticed that my choices for cereals meeting my stringent criteria for the cereal experiment are quickly dwindling. But, when I saw that this mainstream favorite, Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat, was a potential contender I was more than happy to make it my next test case.

Results. You heard me right, frosted shredded wheat. Despite their frosting, when I saw that they met my % calories from sugar criteria I didn't hesitate to pull them off the shelf. These sugary squares were a welcome respite from the bland cereals I have been eating lately. Although I really enjoyed the sweetness, I was shocked when the sugary coating felt a bit fake and drastic - my taste buds must have grown more accustomed to less sugar than I thought. But, my sweet tooth was satisfied!

The shredded wheat get high marks for flavor, but low marks for texture as they get soggy very quickly. So much so that I felt under pressure to rush to eat them before they literally disintegrated into my milk.

In terms of nutrition, Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat holds its own. For 200 calories and 1 gram of fat this cereal provides a respectable 9 grams of fiber. You also get a slightly less respectable 5 grams of protein and 24% of calories from sugar. This is by far the most sugar yet. It is also the most expensive at 29.7 cents per ounce.

When compared to the other cereals, despite its sugary excitement, Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat just can't compete with the nutritional goodness of Kashi and Cascadian Farm. The shredded wheat do, however, beat out Quaker Squares and take fourth place in the current standings.  

These frosted bites may not win the battle, but their sweet coating have certainly won them a special place in my heart.

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  1. Protein is lean,
    Fiber is grand,
    Sugar is sweet
    So taste is not bland.

    It's tough to balance all these.