Friday, August 26, 2011

the sock experiment: Balega Enduro

My first experience with the sock experiment left me with hot and scratchy feet, but my second attempt at this 'are running socks worth it?' evaluation, Belega Enduro, made my feet just as happy as feet can be.

Results. Of all of their socks, Balega calls the Enduro 'the perfect running sock'. Granted this is only my second test pair, but I do not disagree. These socks are made of 78% Drynamix Polyester, 20% Nylon, and 2% Elastane.The Enduro feature both a 'Drynamix Moisture Manager' and lightweight mesh ventilation panels, to keep your feet cool and dry. They are seamlessly closed to eliminate abrasion and blistering and feature an extra deep heel pocket to eliminate sliding. In terms of cushioning, the Enduro features special impact resistance with an extended toe cushion for extra protection without creating bulk. They sound good, and they feel even better.

A lot of the technology and special features that these sock companies describe sounds like a bunch of mumble jumble to me. Really? A Moisture Manager? Mesh ventilation panels? But, the Enduro may have made me a believer. I noticed a difference while wearing these socks. They were lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. They kept my feet happy, cool, and dry.

Only because I wanted to leave a little wiggle room, did Enduro score an overall comfort score of 4.5. My feet stayed cool and dry and I noticed a little improvement in cushion. I had no blistering or rubbing and I noticed a good amount of moisture control thanks to that fancy shcmancy moisture control system. All for $9.95 per pair. Not too bad.

Balega Enduro running socks put PhD Ultra Light Mini socks to shame. If I were a pair of PhD socks I would be crying in the corner. You should be ashamed PhD Ultra Light Mini.

Overall, Balega Enduro are great socks. But, at $10 a pop I may be just as happy with my cotton dependables. And, that's what I plan to test next. A control comparison with a classic pair of cheap cotton athletic socks. Hold on to your seats folks, things are about to get crazy.

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