Thursday, August 4, 2011

commentary: a party punch for the rest of us

I have already shared one of my addictions with you, dear readers. Here is another. Pink lemonade Crystal Light. There are no two ways about it, I can't get enough. I love it so much and drink it so often that I even refer to it by acronym, PLCL.

When I had to plan the punch for my sister-in-law's baby shower, I really wanted to create something that wasn't loaded with sugar and calories. You know that punch - you have a cup or two and suddenly you are surging on a sugar high and soon realize that you have probably consumed 300 calories in liquid form. I prefer to eat my calories, not drink them. So, here is an idea for a low-calorie and delicious party punch containing magical, wonderful PLCL.

For 16 servings (1 cup each) you will need: 12 cups of cold water, 2 cups of ice, 2 cups of ginger ale, 2 cups of orange juice, and 2 packets (makes 1 quart each) of the magic powder, oh i mean pink lemonade Crystal Light.

Note about Crystal Light: I am fully aware that this drink mix contains weird unnatural ingredients and is sweetened with aspartame. I am fully aware that this maybe should not be considered a 'healthy' punch because of that. But, for me, this low calorie drink is a great way to drink more water and be excited about it. Judge me, if you must.

First, add your two packets of Crystal Light mix to a large punch bowl. Then add the 12 cups of cold water.

Next, add 2 cups of orange juice and 2 cups of ginger ale to the Crystal Light mixture. 

Finally, add 2 cups of ice and serve. 

The result is a fantastically delicious drink that is only 30 calories for 8 ounces. That's right, drink up friends, I said 30 calories. It is slightly sweet, slightly citrusy, and slightly fizzy. It is PLCL taken to a whole new level.

Your party guests (or at least the women) will thank you.

This recipe and variations can be found here.


  1. Umm... where was I and why wasn't I invited?

  2. Your nephew liked having it the next day too!! :)

  3. Does this mean that you are expecting a niece????

    -Kathy D

  4. oh my god, when I decided to move to Asia 2 years ago I realized that I wouldn't be able to get my crystal lite fix and I was shattered! So every time a friend comes to visit or asks what I want sent I say Crystal Lite (and Clif Bars funny enough). Clearly you are a kindred spirit ;)

  5. Have you had the vodka version? It's wonderful!

  6. @Imagine: Um, no! But, certainly had the thought that it could use a little vodka. Yum!

  7. Yes, it's delicious, but quickly has its effects!