Thursday, August 11, 2011

the cereal experiment: Kashi GoLean Original

What's that? You jump out of bed in the morning for extremely bland cereal? Well that is fantastic because that means subject number 3 of the cereal experiment, Kashi GoLean Original, is for just you.

Results. Kashi GoLean Original far surpasses all of my nutritional criteria, but doesn't offer much (or really anything) in terms of taste. The sweet tooth in me (and probably the anything tooth in anyone) just can't get over how bland this cereal is. It really doesn't taste like anything. Just crunchy bits of nothing. So, to get through the box I found myself adding handfuls of sweet somethings - like granola or other cereal to the mix. Despite these additions, GoLean Original just doesn't make me happy.

It doesn't even really look like human food, does it? But, don't get me wrong, this cereal definitely has its perks. I absolutely love the crunchy texture and that I get 1 cup for only 140 calories. But, is 1 cup of crunchy blandness worth it?

Here is the kicker. Nutrition. This cereal is a protein powerhouse with 13 whopping grams per serving. You get all that protein along with an amazing 10 grams of fiber for only 140 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 17% of calories from sugar. Tasteless, crunchy, and fantastically nutritious.

I also will note here that the first ingredient is not whole grain, but soy grits. I'm not sure what this really means except that this must be the source of that large amount of protein. The second ingredient is hard red wheat, which seems redeeming. If anyone knows more about this, comment.

Funny thing is, when all that great nutrition is plugged into the ranking system, Kashi GoLean Original takes first place (by a large margin) despite its '0' rating for taste. I fear I even tinkered with the calculation to make it drop in rank, but the formula just can't ignore those nutrition stats. You get considerably more nutrition than the other two cereals tested so far, for considerably less calories, fat, and a lower price. I'm thinking adding 60 or so calories of something yummy and sweet may be a good solution after all?

But, as I just re-read this post I ate another bowl and it left me, yet again, dissatisfied. Ah, life is filled with many great contradictions and Kashi GoLean Original is one of them.


  1. It leaves me dissatisfied as well. If you find the holy grail of cereal, please let us know.

  2. I just finished a box of it this morning, I was sad. I told you before that I eat half Go Lean and half Go Lean Crunch with fruit, it is super yummy and helps me start the day off with the most protein I could get in my diet for the first meal of the day. I don't measure portions and eat M size portions though. :) But when you are expecting you tend to eat different size portions, including dessert more often. I am glad you included this cereal on your trial!

  3. @Christi: Yes, I am reviewing GoLean Crunch Almond soon. The fruit version didn't meet my %calories from sugar requirement. But, I agree that a mix of the two would probably be great! I'll let you know when I try it. And, of course, you have to eat a bigger portion for the baby! ;)

  4. I am curious about the ranking system, personally inclined to rank taste heavily!

  5. Lol, want to know what's sad? This is my favorite of the Kashi cereals (although, I'm not a big cereal eater). I like it with almond milk and lots of fresh strawberries! :))

  6. I put blueberries and vanilla almond milk in it and it tastes great (: