Thursday, October 27, 2011

my less serious day: 1st place breakfast

Most every day, dinner is my favorite meal. Not today. Today, breakfast took the prize. Here's hoping that dinner isn't a sore loser... 


Skirt: LOFT; top: J Crew outlet; belt: Banana outlet; necklace: gifted; shoes: Urban Outfitters


This morning I gladly stayed inside my house for a 35-minute stationary bike ride (ramp interval) followed by a 15-minute walk with L. I also took two more 10-minute walks during my day, one after lunch and one when I returned home from work. My afternoon workout was a 60-minue Body Pump class.


Breakfast (1st place) was the prize-winning yogurt bowl containing ~1 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup pumpkin puree, cinnamon, 1/2 sliced banana, 1/2 slice leftover oatmeal pumpkin bread crumbled and warmed, and a drizzle of almond butter. Heaven in a bowl.

Lunch (last place, as usual) was a Lean Cuisine, a disappointingly-mealy Gala apple, and almonds.

Dinner (second place) was baked chicken (quick-marinated in lime, salt, and pepper) topped with avocado, wild mushroom couscous (Near East), and roasted eggplant on top of steamed spinach.

Dessert (third place) was a small bowl of Cascadian Farms dark chocolate almond granola drowned in almond milk.

Note: these are the actual events that took place on Wednesday, October 26.


  1. I love your outfit! Thats such a nice necklace! :)
    I agree, your breakfast looks so delicious!!!

  2. As ever, you look adorable.
    Mealy apples are so blegh. But that bowl of amazingness looks like it defninitely deserves 1st place.

  3. Cute necklace!
    UGH, I hate mealy apples :(


  4. Oo I am loving your outfit! When I get a mealy apple... blarghhh I die a bit inside haha

  5. I love your outfit - you looks so pretty!

    Disappointing apples are so, well, disappointing! I get so sad when it happens!!! ;-)

  6. I love this outfit! Your style, in general, is beyond adorable. I have those heels from Urban in black and I'm obsessed with them! They're so comfortable and versatile.
    All of your food looks delicious, per usual. Especially the roasted eggplant- I've been on a serious roasted veggie kick lately. I can't get enough!

  7. Loving your blog, so many great meal ideas! BTW: How do you roast your eggplant?

    1. hey trixie! depends, but usually at about 425 degrees for 20 minutes or so. spray with olive oil and plenty of salt and pepper yum!