Friday, October 21, 2011

my less serious day: secret jeggings

Jegging trend? Turns out I'm in. But, don't tell anyone...


Patterned blouse and tee: LOFT; legging jeans: Gap; boots: Steve Madden; necklace: J Crew outlet


This morning, L and I went on a cold and windy 65-minute run at conversation pace. I also took three short walks throughout my day. After work I took a 60-minute R.I.P.P.E.D. class.


Breakfast was a cereal mix bowl with a heaping cup of Kashi GoLean Original and 1/4 cup Post Great Grains Crunchy Pecans cereals with a sliced banana and almond milk.

My lunchbox was quick and easy to pack: a Smart Ones entree, apple, almonds, and a Quaker Chewy granola bar.

Dinner was pasta with chicken, mushrooms, onions, and red bell peppers based loosely off my recipe for last minute sausage and pepper ziti with roasted zucchini. Dessert was a Reese's peanut butter pumpkin.


  1. i'm always impressed that you do a full workout twice a day! reminds me that i shouldn't complain about my more moderate workout routine.

  2. All of your meals look so good! I want to dig right into your dinner and just start gobbling it up!


  3. I have definitely been liking frozen meals when I'm in a rush and haven't had time to pack a lunch.
    Oh, and I want those boots.

  4. Loving your outfit! You look always! :)