Thursday, November 24, 2011

my less serious day: thanks a lot


Thanks for people actually reading my blog posts.
Thanks for the day [and the next two days] off work.
Thanks for cheesy pop music on the drive to my parents' house.
Thanks for calories not counting on or around Thanksgiving day.
Thanks for [an awesome] family.

Thanks. Thanks, a lot.


Jeans: Gap; top: Old Navy (hand-me-down from Mom); 'S' necklace: gifted via ideeli; 'hippo' necklace: J Crew outlet; shoes: Tom's.


This morning I hit the stationary bike for a 45-minute ramp interval ride, followed by a 10-minute walk with L. I took the rest of my Wednesday easy (I am on holiday, after all), although I did fit in a 30-minute walk with L before dinner with the folks.


Breakfast was a bowl of Kashi GoLean Original mixed with Post Great Grains Raisins, Dates, & Pecans cereal, 1/2 Honeycrip apple, cinnamon, and almond milk.

Lunch was a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on wheat with a side of purple grapes.

My afternoon snack has a sliced apple (not sure what kind, I took it from my parents' fridge) dusted with cinnamon and Sargento string cheese.

I spent the afternoon baking for Thanksgiving (classic pumpkin pie, oatmeal-pecan pie, and salted fudge brownies). I had a small bite of brownie (had to taste test, obviously) and have no idea how I restrained from consuming the entire plate. These brownies are

Dinner was a bowl of hearty meat and bean chili made by dad, cornbread, and steamed broccoli

Dessert was animal crackers and a few mixed nuts.

Note: this post represents what happened in my world on Wednesday, November 23. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sara! Hope you're having a great day with the family, enjoying all those amazing eats. The brownie looks utterly delish :) I must check out your pecan pie recipe too. Could be a great one for Xmas!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! This post is adorable. I'm so thankful for having a few days off of work, as well. Enjoy your holiday. (:
    Oh, and I love that you mix nuts and animal crackers. I do the same thing!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Sara!!!!!! Thanks for joining the par-tay! <3 xoxo

  4. No turkey today??? Me neither.

    I would like some cornbread and chili!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Oh, that hippo necklace is so cute :D I bet that cornbread and chili really hit the spot too ;9~

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Your eats look delicious. :)

    I have to say, I just started reading your blog and I /love/ it - I'm really interested in science (as well as being healthy and shizz), that's probably why, not to mention your fabulous clothes and eats!

  7. I'm so glad you added the "or around" to calories not counting on Thanksgiving. Let's be honest--I end up eating just as much, if not more, on the days after the holiday. Hello, leftovers!

  8. Loving your outfit! Too cute!
    And yes, I agree! So nice having a long weekend!

  9. As always, I love your outfit and your eats! :)

    I would like to live inside a brownie too :P

  10. Cute outfit :) I miss animal crackers!

  11. My dad is the chili maker in our house too :) Yours looks so warm and comforting!

  12. I LOVE your necklace!!

    Nothing hits the spot like a good ole PB & J!