Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the skinny belt experiment: + dress

Dry your tears, dear readers, today I bring you the last outfit combination in my first-ever fashion experiment: the skinny belt experiment. Add a skinny belt to a simple dress and you will look thinner, trendier, and more exciting (at least this is what I am telling myself).

So, I suppose if you want to get detailed, my outfit here is not a dress per se. But, rather a dress worn as a skirt under a 3/4 length top. Given that this was the last outfit in the skinny belt experiment, I really wanted to show my readers a pairing with a dress, but I have no weather-appropriate dresses. This means that: 1) I need to go shopping and 2) this paring is a slight variation, but retains the overall concept for you to apply to any dress.

A dress is a simple, one-component outfit. But, if you want to take it up a notch, add a skinny belt and create a bit more waist emphasis (especially important if your dress does not have any built-in waist accentuation) and interest.

Figure. Outfit combination for the skinny belt experiment: dress + skinny belt at waist.

Depending on how the dress is cut, belt placement can vary. For example, if your dress already has some type built-in of waist accentuation (as in the Figure above), your belt should be placed there. Belt placement also may depend on your body shape and what section (low, natural, high) of your waist you wish to accentuate. Here, I emphasized my natural waist, but this could have been shifted higher or lower. In reality, I play around with placement to see what best fits the outfit and my mood. You should do the same.

I felt great in this outfit combination, and although I did get a few compliments on the color of my dress/skirt, no reaction to the outfit as a whole was given. As you have learned, however, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

And, finally, how about a blurry close-up and a little belt trick?

Depending on where you place your belt it isn't always the right length and there isn't always a belt hole where you need it to be. The solution? Slide your belt through and place the prong (? i.e., the piece of metal that would usually go through the hole) on one side of your belt (see above photo). This usually keeps the belt secure and unless someone gets awkwardly close to you, no one will know the difference.

This skinny belt + dress combination rounds out the four pairings for the skinny belt experiment. Look for one more 'discussions and conclusions' post on the topic. In the meantime, let me know what item you want re-mixed for the next fashion experiment!


  1. I love adding skinny belts to dresses! When worn at the waist, I feel like they really do make you look smaller. And for some reason, when I wear them I just feel more confident and chic.

    This outfit is adorable, as usual. That dress works perfectly as a skirt!

  2. i just bought my first skinny belt. it's red and shiny. i hope to put your teaching to good use soon. :)

  3. Yay KacyB. Soon, you will no longer be a skinny belt virgin!

  4. Very cute!! I really like this style and could use any and all fashion tips :)

  5. I may need to go buy a skinny belt now...

  6. The skinny belt! I have recently started to incorporate it into my wardrobe as well. Thanks for the tip on tucking the prong to the side--finding the right size belt is one of my main difficulties with trying to belt stuff!

    It looks great with the long shirt and skirt-- I'l need to try that. I also want your boots please :)

  7. I Love this table idea! How brilliant! The outfits all sound great and you look adorable in these photos!

  8. That's SUCH a great tip about the belt....I've never thought of that!