Monday, November 21, 2011

weekend review: when the boy's away...

I was on my own for dinner Friday night and decided to treat myself to a meal of some of my boyfriend's less favorite options (which also happen to be some of my very favorite options).

Figure 1. In preparation: caramelized Brussels sprouts with brown sugar and toasted walnuts.

Figure 2. Friday night's (single lady) dinner: salmon with red pepper pesto and caramelized Brussels sprouts. Much to my boyfriend's dismay, this is one of the best meals I have made in quite some time. This red pepper pesto was so good I wanted to smear it all over my face and this Brussels sprouts recipe will make even the biggest Brussels skeptic, a believer.

Figure 3. Friday night dessert (a perfect solo-night dessert): one little fudgy brownie cake in a mug topped with whipped cream. I don't care where you are or what you are doing, stop doing that and start making

Figure 4. Sunday night's (boyfriend approved) dinner: maple-mustard baked chicken (with a crispy whole wheat breading), collard greens, and corn bread.


  1. That's one thing I like about living far away from my boyfriend...I never have to worry about forcing him to eat my not-always-Coach-approved dinners ;)

  2. I, too, LOVE brussels sprouts! I have never tried them shredded up and sauteed like that, but definitely will be soon!

  3. @Emma - this is my first time creating little Brussels shreds. it is a wonderful variation. in fact, i am making this very recipe for my family for Thanksgiving and i don't think any of them have had Brussels before. a good method for Brussels virgins, i suppose. :)

  4. I'm in for the brownie in a mug! Great mug shot!

  5. Oh hello, caramelized brussels sprouts? Yum! I love me some Brussels :)

  6. All your eats look so good! I've never made a fudgy brownie cake in a mug but it sounds SO yummy! I'll need to try that soon! :)