Thursday, September 20, 2012

my less serious day: wisdom

I was driving home from work when I saw this old man standing frozen in his yard leaning on his shovel. It wasn't until I saw the voluminous smile on his face and his eyes gazing upward that I realized he had stopped his work to enjoy the setting sun.


Jeans: Gap; top: LOFT; necklace: JCrew outlet; flatforms: Blowfish.


Late this morning I went on a 30-minute run at working pace. After work I hit the gym for a 60-minute spin class. I also included two 10-minute walks during the day.


Breakfast was a bowl (x2) of Post Shredded Wheat, Rice Chex, banana, and cow's milk

Mid-morning snack was a pear.

Lunch was a spinach salad with grape tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, cottage cheese, balsamic vinegar, and agave nectar.

My afternoon snack was a carrot sticks dipped in peanut butter and pretzels.

Dinner was leftover pasta with oven-roasted eggplant, goat cheese, and mint and roasted green beans.

Dessert was Cascadiam Farms vanilla-almond granola with peanuts.

Note: this post represents what happened in my world on Tuesday, September 18. 


  1. Love that shirt color, I really adore those bright colors.

  2. Your fingernails look great and match your drapes!

  3. You rock those flatforms! I've always thought they looked strange on the shelves, but they look surprisingly cool in real life. Love it!

  4. Love your outfit, the shirt is so adorable!!


  5. I've been loving pears lately! But is it just me or do they bruise like SO EASILY?! I swear, I throw it in my work bag, and by lunch it's like mashed! Still tastes good though haha

  6. The eggplant pasta looks so damn delish! Would you mind to share the recipe?

  7. I'm intrigued what has made you make the moo-ve back to cow's milk?

  8. Love the color of your shirt and the necklace!

  9. adorable outfit, love the necklace!