Tuesday, September 25, 2012

my less serious home: family room

You may remember that I recently moved into my first home. I also recently gave up my fear of letting hundreds of complete strangers see my private (and un-tidy) personal space by sharing my new kitchen. 

Turns out, you guys loved seeing my space. And, although this makes me mildly uncomfortable, it also makes me happy. So, today I share with you: the family room (disclaimer: it is a work in progress).

I could have arranged the pillows for you and put away the dish from my previous night's 2-minute chocolate peanut butter cake indulgence...but, ya know...

 Figure 1. Remember the kitchen? Well I'm standing in it taking this photo over the bar towards the living room. The door at the back of the room leads to the hallway with the bedrooms. On the left are glass doors leading towards the screened in porch and back yard.

 Figure 2. Ok, ok. The red couch clashes miserably with the red wall. I get it. I'm on the hunt for a modern, neutral sofa (suggestions?). I can't find the perfect one so instead I bought these kick-ass pillows from IKEA and this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING coffee table from West Elm.

 Figure 3. Close up of the coffee table (and dirty dish). Yesssss. So you thought it was awesome, but you didn't know that it actually LIFTS UP SO YOU CAN EAT OFF OF IT AND WATCH TV LIKE A TRUE LAZY AMERICAN. Bazinga.

Figure 4. Here's a picture of it in action on Saturday night with a side of quinoa casserole.

 Figure 5. Ok, clearly I need a new TV. This is fairly embarrassing, I know. My Grandma visited this weekend and told me she even has multiple flat screens. But, when it comes to making granola or going TV shopping, granola wins every time.

 Figure 6. To the left of the TV sites the doors to the screened-in porch and my back yard. A screened in porch was on my wish list - and I got it. I am lucky.

More spaces to come...


  1. Even though it's a work in progress, it looks great! And don't worry, I never judge people on their tv's. Certain things in life, like making delicious food, definitely take priority. I mean why replace something that still works perfectly fine?

  2. I love getting glimpses into other people's homes, but I definitely know what you mean about it being uncomfortable to show. I've yet to do my own house tour, and I keep putting it off! No shame on the TV.. at least you have a coffee table that does neat tricks!

  3. Oooh, I spy hardwood floors. Lucky, lucky girl. The orange wall is actually really pretty too - it'll look awesome with a beige sofa. Just stay away from IKEA...theirs are less comfortable than a concrete block.

  4. I love the color of that wall! And I LOVE that coffee table. So cool!

  5. cute, that coffee table is awesome and I need your porch, that is fantastic!

  6. Love that coffee table. And it looks like you guys have really nice hardwood floors too- lucky!

  7. The porch is really amazing! I am searching for a flat with my boyfriend right now and we would love to have your living room with the porch and garden. Sadly, that is going to stay a dream since we also want to live close to the city center...