Thursday, September 6, 2012

the unexpected color combination experiment: discussion and conclusions

This post, the conclusion of the unexpected color combination experiment, is long overdue. This experiment forced me out of my traditional color pairings and inspired me to be a bit more unexpected in my color choices.

 Figure 1. Summary of evaluated unexpected color combinations. A) blue + black; B) monochrome; C) red + pink; and D) black + brown.

Discussion. The purpose of this experiment was to style four completely different looks using unexpected color combinations to provide excitement to my wardrobe and (hopefully) inspiration to my readers.

This experiment was certainly a challenge for me, but all of these outfits left me with a confident and comfortable experience. Hands down, my personal favorite combination was red + pink, which was color combination I had never braved before. The blue + black pairing was also a favorite. The other two pairings, monochrome and black + brown were certainly not far behind.

So, you tell me. 
What should the next fashion experiment be?

Figure 2. The original color wheel of inspiration.

Conclusions. Through this experiment, I learned that a lot of what makes an unexpected color combination successful is doing it with intention. So, throw your inhibitions to the side, pair some unexpected colors together, and walk out the door with confidence.



  1. Awesome recap- my favourite is the pink and red too!

    I would love to see a series on cardigans. I am such a cardigan girl so would love more ideas on how to wear it!

  2. Haha you are so cool!!!! I need to put a little more though into color combos. I feel like I just do the same thing over and over!

  3. I love that pink dress! I have shorts like that but am on the lookout for a dress in that color too. :)