Wednesday, September 5, 2012

what i ate wednesday: issue 48

  Figure 1. Breakfast: a bowl (x2) of All Bran, Cheerios, Kashi Indigo Morning, a sliced banana, and almond milk.

Figure 2. Lunch: a spinach salad with carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, celery, peanuts, cottage cheese, peanuts, dried dates, and balsamic vinegar.

Figure 3. Afternoon snack: a pear and raw almonds.

Figure 4. Dinner: roasted eggplant on top of raw spinach drenched in tahini sauce (1.5 T tahini, 1.5 T almond milk, 1 T apple cider vinegar) and sunflower seeds; leftover zucchini casserole on the side.

Figure 5. Dessert: dulce de leche pudding (Jello brand) with whipped cream!

And that concludes another What I Ate Wednesday (featuring what I ate Tuesday, September 4).


  1. The tahini sauce sounds really intriguing. At first it looked like ranch, so the almond butter threw me, but I bet it's a great sweet-and-tangy dressing for a salad!

  2. mm the zucchini casserole and eggplant sound so good!

  3. Your dessert looks so cute! I love dressing up store bought things to be ever more spectacular :)

  4. Cottage Cheese is such a good salad topper! I love that you made pudding for dessert. It is such and easy thing to make (thank you Jello brand) and that Dulce de Leche flavor sounds enticing :)

  5. oh man that pudding, so good. and with whipped cream. Sold!

  6. Your dinner looks so good! I love eggplant :) Plus I never thought to put peanuts into my salad I don't know why not!!

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  7. That eggplant with tahini sauce looks so good! But that dessert really caught my eye!!

  8. YAY! My favorite WIAW, as always. (:
    I'm making that eggplant & tahini sauce recipe asap. I just bought a new jar of tahini and am excited to put it to good use!